How We Helped Amy Market Her House

What was your expeirence working with Joy Daniels?

"I felt that they did a really good job with the whole process with advertising, getting my house out there. I did get an offer in 3 to 4 weeks after we had put it on the market. The seller's agent did a really good job of that. With the buyer's agent, he did help us out. It was a really good, positive experience. With Rich, who was the seller's agent, when he was trying to sell the house, he was very helpful. He got an interior decorator in to try to see what we could do better with staging the house. Because of that, they recommended that we move some things around. That meant we would have to remove a chair and we didn't know where to put it. Rich actually offered us his own house to keep until we actually sold the house. It was only about three weeks later, but that was going above and beyond normally, what I would've expected of somebody. That was one thing that really stands out that Rich did for us. We didn't have to use him, I took it to a neighbor's house, It was nice of him to offer as an avenue we could've taken."

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