How We Gave Linda a Perfect Real Estate Transaction

What was your expeirence working with Joy Daniels?
"It was perfect, from day one until we sold the house, our agent was excellent. Everything he told us, he said we would sell our house within two or three days and we did. Everything just went perfectly. We got the amount we wanted for our house, and we didn't have any problems at all. Any questions we had, we contacted our agent and it was just perfect. No matter what paperwork, anything like that. If we had any questions about anything. Now we had a homeowner's association, and we had to get a letter from them saying we were moving out. Our agent did all that for us. We didn't have to do that. He was really right on the ball, doing everything we needed to have done. It was just perfect. I would recommend Joy Daniels to anybody. In fact, I've already done that with a couple people that I've talked to. We've had other real estate companies, but this one was just a ten. That's all I can say, it was perfect."

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