How we helped Jessica sell her home by resolving issues quickly

"Both my husband and I are very happy with the results. We actually sold 2 homes through the Joy Daniels Real Estate Group and both of them went off without a hitch! We had some issues with the well at our home and when we were on vacation it needed to be run for an extended time over and few days and Joy made sure that it was taken care of by the time we got back so we were ready to go for settlement."

Central Pennsylvania Market Update

There are a variety of opportunities in the Central Pennsylvania real estate market for both buyers and sellers. If you're a prospective buyer click here for a full home search, or if you're considering placing your home on the market, get a free home value report, right here.

One of the most common questions we get about the Central Pennsylvania market is, "Where are prices heading?" The truth is it's not a very easy question to answer - prices are completely dependent on where you live. One neighborhood may be doing quite well, while another one nearby may be struggling. Because of this, it's important to not pay too close attention to media reports on local markets. 

We don't have the ability to know how many buyers are in a given market. However, real estate professionals have information on listings and the average days on market for homes in a given area. These are important indicators that need to be studied closely by a professional who is familiar with the area of interest. 

The number of units sold increased by 13.2% over June of 2013. Additionally, the median home price has decreased 3% since June of last year, while the average days on market has dropped to 93 days from 102 days since this time last year. What does all this mean for you?

We think these numbers indicate the market is poised to improve. The number of homes under contract is the highest it's been in 4 quarters and mortgage loans are still cheap - the national average on a 30-year fixed-rate loan is currently 4.3%, which is a 2014 low!

If you're still on the fence about buying or selling real estate, you can rest assured knowing our specialists, with their knowledge and experience, will study the market for you and advise you accordingly. Satisfying your best interests is in our best interest, so give us a call or shoot us an email. We want to work hard for you!