How to Take Advantage of Multiple Offers in Harrisburg

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Inventory is low in Harrisburg right now, so our home sellers are seeing lots of offers coming in on their homes. Buyers have to put their best foot forward in this situation because they’ll be battling other buyers for the home, and they need their offer to stand out amongst other potential buyers.

There are many different ways that buyers can win over sellers. It really depends on the needs of the seller and which buyer’s offer satisfies them most completely. One seller may want the highest dollar amount, while another may prefer a shorter closing period.

However, other strategies include writing personal letters to the seller to explain why your family needs the home. This helps to put a face to your name, and you can use the emotions of the seller in order to have your offer picked.

"Most sellers pick offers with fewer contingencies, more money down, and higher offers with escalation addendums."

Most sellers pick offers with fewer contingencies, more money down, and higher offers with escalation addendums. This says that they will raise their offer ‘x’ amount higher than another offer that comes in above theirs. It basically ensures that they have the highest offer on the home, but it also shows that the buyer is extremely eager to purchase the property.

Remember that it’s the seller’s decision whether to disclose multiple offers to the buyer’s agent, so you should always make your best offer even if you don’t expect other ones. Sellers should keep in mind that they might scare away buyers if they do disclose that it’s a multiple offer situation, but they have to remember the offers may not be as crisp.

Handling multiple offer situations is something that buyers and sellers need to be able to do. Our team is trained extensively in order to capitalize on situations such as these. If you would like to speak with us about handling one, please don’t hesitate to contact us!