Our Central Pennsylvania Moving Story, Part 2

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Today I am excited to share with you the 2nd half of the story of my personal moving experience. Recently, my husband and I moved out of our home of 30 years, but thanks to the incredible resources we have had helping us, it hasn’t been too bad of an experience.

Packing is definitely a hurdle to cross, but I like to think of packing as an opportunity to declutter your home. Packing is a powerful motivator to go through your belongings and only hold on to your most prized possessions. With help from friends, we made 3 piles: keep, trash, and donate. I only kept the things that brought me joy, and all the donations went to help benefit veterans through the Purple Heart Pickup.

When we had everything sorted and were ready to move to the new house, we had all our items catalogued in a home inventory. Anthony and Tammy from Harrisburg Home Inventory put together a portfolio of collections and valuables for us, and Newly Restored did a great job with furniture cleaning. Before you knew it, our home of 30 years was packed up and ready to make its way into our new property.

We were nervous, like most sellers, until the very end. We had a scare with a broken dishwasher in the in-law suite a few days before closing, but as good sellers, we had it fixed and made sure it was ready for buyers on their first day moving in.

The first few days after moving in were crazy, and we couldn’t find even simple things like socks, pillows, or Advil. However, after a couple of days, all our necessities had been found and we were functioning properly.

As we sit comfortably unpacked in our home, I know it’s all been worth it. Neighbors have been gracious in welcoming us to our new home and, although it’s been bittersweet to leave our old home, I take those memories with me to the new one. This process has really re-ignited my passion and empathy for home buyers.

Throughout the process, I learned many things, and wanted to share just a few of those with you today as a parting thought. Here they are:

  1. Showing your home and leaving for hours at a time is a hassle.
  2. The WOW factor is so important, and our preparation was key for finding a buyer.
  3. Pricing is a huge factor.

Thanks for following along with me on my home selling adventure. If you have any questions, or are interested in selling your home, give us a call or send us an email. We look forward to hearing from you!