Sellers: Check Out These 4 Great Tips

These four tips will make selling your home a breeze.

I have talked in the past about mistakes to avoid when selling your home. Today, however, I’m talking about four things that you definitely should do when selling your house:


1. Film video walk-throughs. This is especially necessary as virtual home buying becomes increasingly popular. This is a sure way to increase the number of views and interactions for your home. Video tours can usually be filmed by somebody who works with your real estate agent, and they are a compelling way to add value to your listing.

2. Make minor repairs. You might have learned to live with squeaky hinges or broken railings, but these can turn homebuyers off. It’s much cheaper to fix them yourself before your home is inspected rather than negotiating them after the sale.

3. Make cosmetic improvements. It may be hard to view your lived-in home objectively, but potential buyers will be the first to notice worn-out carpeting or scuffed walls. A little bit of paint or carpet cleaning can go a long way to making sure your home gives the right first impression.

4. Stage your home. Now that even more buyers are checking out your home virtually, it’s more important that your house appear bright, light, and updated. It might be worthwhile to pay for a professional stager, have a friend with a good eye take a look, or consider virtual staging.

"This is a sure way to increase the number of views and interactions for your home."

Remember that preparation is key! Not properly preparing or pricing your home

is a surefire way to make the home-selling experience an uphill climb. Today’s

homebuyers are well-educated, and since they are able to shop online,

they’re savvy about if a home is competitively priced. 

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