Visit Your Potential New Home Before Buying

Here’s why you should be visiting a home multiple times before buying it.
There are a variety of opportunities in the Central Pennsylvania real estate market for both buyers and sellers.

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Many would-be homeowners only visit their potential new home right after work or on a Sunday afternoon, and they often make a quick decision about the house and neighborhood. However, there is a better way to investigate a home. You should take time to visit a potential home in the morning, late at night, and at various times on the weekend. Take note of what you see, and keep an eye out for the following items:

  • Children playing in the yard

  • People working on projects outside

  • The number of cars parked on the street

  • The level of noise

  • People congregating at a particular home

Be sure that what you want and need are viable at your prospective property.

All of these things can give you a better feel for your neighborhood and indicate if it’s a good fit for you. 

That leads me to my next point: The location of your home is often just as important as the home itself. Do some research online about the area and investigate the presence of various shopping options for food, clothes, and fuel for your car. 

Finally, look at the entertainment options in the area. Maybe you’re the kind of person who enjoys losing themselves in a lavish museum or expansive library. Maybe you'd like to meet friends at a nearby pub for happy hour. Whatever your preference, be sure that what you want and need are viable at your prospective property.

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