Why We Love Having Greystone Insurance as a Partner

Here’s my recent Q&A session with the owner of Greystone Insurance.
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Today I have the pleasure to be with Jim Bower, owner of Greystone Insurance, to discuss how important it is to have a yearly checkup with your local Insurance agent. According to Jim, one of the most important things you can do as an insurance buyer is to have an agent look at your insurance regularly. Insurance companies are coming out with new products and pricing all the time. Most of those new products are better for the customer. This means better pricing, better coverage, and it may be even easier to manage and pay premiums. To take advantage, you need to talk with an agent and often reapply for the newest product and pricing. You don’t get these things automatically, regardless of how long and loyal a customer you have been.

Greystone partners with a dozen different top insurance companies

Very often when helping a family or business owner, Jim finds that their existing coverage just doesn’t match up with what is going on in the household or business. Are they paying for things that they don’t need? Or worse yet, were they even properly covered in the first place? Jim and his team encounter situations like this all the time. So what should all of you homeowners out there do? Even if you have everything up to date, you should evaluate your insurance agent and the services they provide. If an agent only works with one company, they are going to be limited in what they can offer. At Greystone, they partner with over a dozen top insurance companies, including Erie Insurance, Central PA’s leading insurer for homes and autos! Thanks to Jim for joining us. This is such a great partnership between two companies that share a culture of service people with excellence and integrity. You’ll find both of these qualities with Greystone Insurance and Joy Daniels Real Estate Group. If you have any insurance needs or questions whatsoever, reach out to them at (717) 695-3177 or visit them online. We love serving our clients. If you have a real estate question for us, please call 717-695-3177 or email info@joydaniels.com. We have buyer and seller specialists ready to assist you.