Clean Your Garage and Make Your Home Sell for More

As a home seller, cleaning and organizing your garage goes a long way in impressing buyers.
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Do you think garages sell homes? Many people ask me whether or not garages play an important part in a home sale, and my answer is always yes. When preparing to sell a home, the garage is one of the most forgotten rooms in the house. By nature, garages are places where we store many things that we don’t want or need in the house. They are also places where oil and gas are spilled due to cars,lawnmowers, etc. Garages also tend to store toys, mementos, and many other items we thought were vitally important to us at one time. Then, when we go through our piles of things, we wonder why in the world we thought they were important in the first place! As you can guess, all those boxes, stains, smells, unorganized tools, and other items can add up to an unsightly mess in the eyes of potential buyers. This means if you’re putting your home on the market, it’s time for a cleanup. And, just as important, it’s time for a rigorous reorganization of the garage to make it shine in buyers’ eyes. Here are a few steps to help eat that elephant one bite at a time: 1. Go through all of your boxes and sort the items they contain. Be ruthless! Toss out anything that no longer has any use or meaning. Even better, donate items that are still useful to your favorite charity—it feels great and makes somebody else happy at the same time. Plus, you can claim a tax deduction. By cleaning out the clutter, it will be easier to take the next step.
Garages don’t actually sell homes, but they make a big statement about the home and the homeowner trying to sell it.     
2. Clean the garage as thoroughly as possible. Get rid of any dust and dirt wherever you find it. If you have minor oil or gas stains on the floor, try pressure-washing them. However, if they are larger or they’ve been longstanding, then you’ll need to find a more thorough cleanser. Even better, you can paint the floor to create a clean, pristine appearance, showing that you care. And if you are feeling really ambitious, consider coating your garage floor with an epoxy paint that was designed to turn it into a warm and inviting room. This also reduces slip-and-fall accidents and makes any future floor cleanings easier.    

3. Consider a garage organization system. Usually the cheapest options are storage bins and wall hooks. If you’re willing to spend more, there are also wall panels and flooring packages available. Depending on your needs, an organization system can range from approximately $40 to thousands of dollars. If you simply Google “garage organization systems,” you’ll find plenty of links to companies selling these products. Whatever system you choose, it will definitely give your garage a clean and organized look. 

I can’t stress how impressive it is to potential buyers to have a well-organized garage. This tells them that you’re a person who really takes care of every detail of your home and property. And that, in turn, let’s them know that buying your home will be a great investment on their part and well worth the asking price. 

The bottom line is this: Garages don’t actually sell homes, but they make a big statement about the home and the homeowner trying to sell it. Cleaning and organizing yours is well worth the effort.

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