What Is the Key to Creating Value in Your Listing?

Adding value to your home before you list is a surefire way to earn top dollar. But which improvement projects are the most worthwhile?
There are a variety of opportunities in the Central Pennsylvania real estate market for both buyers and sellers.
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What is the key to creating value in your property when you are ready to sell your home? You, like many people, are probably willing to invest money into your home in order to earn on your sale at closing but are unsure what repairs, updates, and changes are worthwhile. The first step is to compare your home to similar properties in the neighborhood and determine what investments make sense for your budget and goals. But why is it important to make improvements to your property before placing it on the market in the first place? Well, presenting your home in its best possible light will earn you a better list-to-sale ratio. This means that you are more likely to achieve a higher price than what you set the property at by making certain key improvements before listing. A polished listing is also likely to spend less time sitting on the market.
Cleaning and eliminating clutter are still the most important steps in making a home look its best.
Our listing specialists would be happy to guide you through which improvements you should make based on your personal circumstances, but for now, we would like to share some general advice on adding value to your listing. There are three main things all sellers can do to boost the value of their home: 
  1. Paint. Nothing makes a room shine quite like a fresh coat of paint. This inexpensive improvement will add significant value to any listing.
  2. Update the flooring. Stained, faded, or outdated flooring should be replaced to give the home a cleaner, more polished look.
  3. Update light fixtures and hardware. Features like light fixtures, cabinet knobs, and door handles should be replaced as needed to give your home a modern appearance. 
Beyond these three improvements, countertops are another important area to consider upgrading if necessary. 

But what if a seller’s tight budget restricts their ability to make these kinds of improvements? In this case, their focus should be on cleaning out their home in order to make it look more spacious. Cleaning and eliminating clutter are still the most important steps in making a home look its best.

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